What’s S glass

In 1938, Owens Corning invented the E glass, and then the United States Air Force required to develop a glass fiber with higher strength and modulus than the E glass fiber, which because of its high strength, named S glass.

S glass has a tensile strength increase of 30%-40% compared with conventional E glass, and the elastic modulus is increased by 15%-20%. In 1968, the commercialized product S2 glass was launched.

After 1998, S2 glass was produced and sold by AGY.

Since the 1970s, China has successfully developed its own HS series S glass with independent intellectual property rights, and its product performance is close to S2 glass AGY.

S Glass Fiber

In recent years, with the increasing demand, S glass has been developed rapidly in developed countries such as North America and Europe. The annual demand has increased by more than 25% since 2004. S glass fiber is mainly produced by  AGY Company. Its production and sales account for 80% of the world. In China, S glass is a new material that the government encourages to develop, and its develop speed is also very fast.

SiO2-Al2O3-MgO2 or SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-MgO is the main system of S glass. The mass fraction of various S glass components is slightly different, but the content of main oxides is higher than that of E-glass, among which the content of Al2O3 are all around 25%.

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