New Hybrid Fiber Composite

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth School of Engineering produced composites from natural fiber and basalt fiber blends that have high mechanical strength. Researchers believe that these hybrid materials can replace carbon and glass fibers in the automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

Dr. Hom Nath Dhakal, who is in charge of the university’s research team, said: “We are working hard to address the major challenges of using natural reinforced composites for structural and semi-structural applications. These lightweight alternatives can help reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

Hybrid composites made from natural fibers and basalt fibers are sustainable, biodegradable, easy to recycle, and require less energy to produce than glass and carbon fibers.

The results of the research on the structure, physicochemical properties and mechanical properties of date palm fiber are published in “Composite Science and Technology” and Composite Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing.

Dr. Dhakal also said that hybrid composite solutions will be the development direction of natural fiber composites.

What’s high silica fiberglass

High silica fiberglass is the abbreviation of high-purity silica amorphous continuous fiberglass, in which the silica content is more than 96%, the continuous working temperature is 1000 degrees Celsius, and the short-term temperature is 1400 degrees Celsius.

high silica yarn

High silica fiber can maintain good strength and elasticity for a long time at 1000 degrees Celsius. It is an effective thermal barrier for ultra-high temperature heat flow and jet flame, and a reliable protection device for personnel facilities. The high silica fiber also has low thermal conductivity and good resistance to high thermal shock.

The performance of high silica products is inert to most chemicals. It has good corrosion resistance to high temperature compounds, corrosive minerals and weakly alkaline molten alloys. It can work normally under high heat and strong radiation conditions.

high silica needle mat

The high silica products mainly include continuous yarn,woven rope, sleeve, fabric, chopped strand mat,stitched fabric, mainly used in 1000 degree ultra-high temperature fire insulation, single fiber diameter mainly 6 um to 9 um, does not contain any asbestos or ceramic wool, completely harmless to health.

At present, it has been widely used in spacecraft heat-resistant ablation materials, high-temperature insulation, high-temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration, metal melting filtration, purification, etc.

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