New Hybrid Fiber Composite

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth School of Engineering produced composites from natural fiber and basalt fiber blends that have high mechanical strength. Researchers believe that these hybrid materials can replace carbon and glass fibers in the automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

Dr. Hom Nath Dhakal, who is in charge of the university’s research team, said: “We are working hard to address the major challenges of using natural reinforced composites for structural and semi-structural applications. These lightweight alternatives can help reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

Hybrid composites made from natural fibers and basalt fibers are sustainable, biodegradable, easy to recycle, and require less energy to produce than glass and carbon fibers.

The results of the research on the structure, physicochemical properties and mechanical properties of date palm fiber are published in “Composite Science and Technology” and Composite Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing.

Dr. Dhakal also said that hybrid composite solutions will be the development direction of natural fiber composites.