How to laminate 3D Glass Fabric(2)

2. Vacuum Infusion

Vacuum Infusion

Step1: Prepare mold and treat the surface with release agent

Step2: Lay the fabric onto the mold

Step3: Place the peel-ply onto the fabric, then the infusion mesh,

finally the bagging film on the top.

Step4: Position the resin inlet and air outlet

Step5: Seal the whole bag

Step6: Connect the vacuum pump, creat a vacuum and test

Step7: Mix the resin with curing and other agent, and defoam

Step8: Infuse the mixed resin in vacuum condition

Step9: Once the fabric is fully impregnated with the resin, unseal the bag, let the air in, then the fabric will rise to the preset height

Step10: Product curing

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