How to laminate 3D Glass Fabric(1)

When the 3D fabric is impregnated with a thermo set resin ,the fabric absorbs the resin and rises to the preset height.

The Resin/fabric content weight ratio 1:1, curing agent: MEKPO 1.5-2%.

Mainly there are two ways of process we can laminate.

1.Hand Lay-up

Hand Layup

Step1: Apply 50% of the resin on the smooth surface of mold and distribute it evenly.

Step2: Apply the 3D fabric into the resin

Step3: Roll the fabric firmly but gently along the weft direction to secure a good contact with the resin underneath.

Step4: Evenly apply the remaining 40% of the resin over the fabric and distribute it evenly

Step5: Roll resin gently into the fabric. The capillary forces of the vertical piles will impregnate the fabric and rise into the preset height.

Step6: After cured ,a piece of 3D composite is formed.

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What’s 3D fabric

3D Fiberglass Fabric

3D fabric or called 3D cloth/3D mat is a sandwich woven fabric,which consists of two deck layers formed by warp and weft direction fibers,and with Z direction fibers(vertical piles) which interconnect both deck layers.

The structure type of vertical piles is usually 8 shape piles in warp direction,with excellent stability of mechanical properties and surface evenness.Other type of vertical piles,like I shape or V shape can be customized too for different application.

It can be woven with glass fibers,carbon fibers,Kevlar fibers and other high performance fibers.

3D Carbon Fiber Fabric

The thickness of 3D fabric can be designed to meet different needs.The 3D fiberglass fabric we now produced can be from 3mm to 30mm,max width 1800mm.The 3D carbon fiber fabric we produced is max 18mm thick.

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