3D Sandwich panel

3D Sandwich panel

3D Sandwich Panel is a light weight,high strength FRP panel made from 3D glass fabric.

When 3D glass fabric is impregnated with a thermoset resin, the fabric absorbs the resin and rises to the preset height. After cured,it became a sandwich panel. This panel made by 3d glass fabric has superior resistance against delamination comparing with traditional honeycomb and foam cored materia,thanks to the integral woven structure.

Main Advantages:

1、Light weight but high strength;

2、Great resistance against delamination;

3、High design-versatility;

4、Space between decklayers can be multi-functional (embedded with sensors,wires or infused with  foam);

5、Simple and effective lamination process

6、Thermal and sound insulated.; Fire retardant; Wave transmittable.

The sandwich structure can be used in building of Double Wall Tank & Sump,Railway,Bus,Ship ,Construction,Radome etc.For its great advantages,it will have more and more application.


How to laminate a sandwich panel with 3D fiberglass fabric?