PTFE Coated Beta Fiberglass Sewing Thread

PTFE Coated Beta Fiberglass Sewing Thread

BETA fiberglass yarn is consist of very fine glass filaments(4 micron) which are twisted and piled into yarn bundles.It has high strength and great flexibility.

PTFE coated "Beta" fiberglass sewing thread is manufactured from continuous filament Beta yarns,whose operating temperature is about 540℃. The sewing thread is high strength,good flexibility and chemical resistance.The thread is completely encapsulated by a uniform layer of PTFE coating whichenhances the resistance to build up of contaminates and repels attack by most acids and alkalis.





Thread Style   Continuous filament beta(BC) glass fiber
 Coating Type PTFE
 Coating %  6-8%


Pile 1X2X2


 Tensile Strength  ≥74N  ≥106N
 Diameter  0.4 0.5 
 Final Twist 380Z   380Z 
 Package Spool   Spool 
 Single Pool   0.8-1.2kgs    0.8-1.2kgs



Application: Filter Bags, Fire Resistant Composites, Braided Sleeving, Heat Shields, High Temperature Gaskets, High Temperature Textiles, Insulation Jackets, Kiln Seals, Safety Spray Shields, Thermal Insulation Pads, Welding Blankets etc.